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Bart Cham Dao Seminar

15th & 16th June 2013

Learn the "eight ways" of the Wing Tjun (WingTsun,WingChun) Knifes.

Sifu Taner & Sifu Graziano will show you in a very intensive seminar the Bart Cham Dao Form and application.

Your benefit form the seminar!
  • The complete Form

    Learn the complete Form in Detail. You will learn with two Butterflyswords advanced Wing Tjun (WingTsun, WingChun) Movements.

  • The "advanced" Footwork

    The footwork of the Bart Cham Dao will give you a new way movements and controlls for your hole Body. It will change completly your idear of fighting without weapons, in a positive way.

  • Application

    Learn all eight applications from the Bart Cham Dao. You will learn different Combinations. The Concept of fighting will open for you new ways for your own training

  • More Coordination and fighting spirit

    The coordination with the knifes and the footwork is perfect for your fighting spirit.You will train harder and win more focus.


Learn from the Two Masters...

  • The Bart Cham Dao was always a important part of the WingTjun System.If you learn the knifes very late it will be difficult to understand the bodywork and the footwork for the unarmed system.

    Sifu Taner ,Chiefinstructor of the IMAA & Kung4u
  • The Bart Cham Dao has many new ways of movements.Its important to learn the Bart Cham Dao in a good way. The footwork is one of the most important part.

    Sifu Graziano,Chiefinstructor of the IMAA & Kung4u
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Place of the Event

Mörike-Schule Leonberg


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Beginn : 15 & 16 Juni 10:00Uhr